About Our Chefs

Jhabilal Kharel

Chef Cook

“Curry is as important for the Indian cuisine as grammar is for languages.”

Curryleaves cook, Jhabilal Kharel, started his career in India at the MOTI MAHAL Restaurant in Delhi. Butter Chicken or Murg Makhani was developed in that restaurant and is famous, worldwide. His training in Indian BBQ, street food and curry’s brought him to many places including Russia and finally Austria. With selected and self-made mixes of various spices, Curryleaves now proudly presents an assortment of creative Indian cuisine. Bon Appetit!

Simmy Chirayath

Executive Director

Every guest wants something magnificent experience in a restaurant.”

Few lines coming soon. #thankyouforyourecoming

Our Gallery

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Our Concept

Festive & Cheerful Indian Cuisine. We prepare a daily feed from north, south and west india with lunch buffet and from 3am our tea time.

Selected Beverages

With us you can selected well-stocked drinks to take in a beautiful atmosphere. From coffee to home-made drinks to austrian top wines to enjoy.

Take Away

There is also the possibility with us indian meals to order in our restaurant to take her to the office or home. We also have dabba fresh steel containers where the food is very refreshing. Ask our staff.

Our Lunch Buffet

11:30 – 15:00
We prepare daily different dishes from north south east and west india. At our Lunch we are almost a lunch buffet but we are making really good food :)


We are enjoying every moment when we’re eating creamy-spicy rich with the people we love we call it tea time. Perhaps small or medium or Bud Spencer servings. We have the right taste for everyone at curry leaves.